Friday, January 28, 2011

5 for 5: Rachel's five reasons this week was wonderful.

1. I was pleasantly surprised on Monday, when I went to the dollar store in search of some batteries and instead found a mustard yellow nail polish. The color name? SHOCK. Too perf!

2. My new shoes I got Tuesday, I love being artificially tall…

3. So on wednesday I had to read a paper on the mating activity of Balloon Flies and this INCREDIBLE quote made the paper worth not skimming:

"This observation led him to propose the fantastic theory that the male hilaras use the flattened objects as aeronautical surfboards on which to cavort among the sunbeams."
-The mating activity of balloon flies by Edward L Vessel
4. New favorite Thursday pastime: Reading in the bath until the water freezes over from the cold winter air that has taken up residence in our apartment

5. Friday: Should I use the 800$ to pay for a semester of school or use the money for this bag from Jcrew?

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