Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nautical Knot Belt

While riding the wave of the interweb recently, I came across this beautiful necklace and knew I had to make a belt  inspired by it! I've always loved a nautical motif and for the price and time this belt took, I grew only to love it more...

Total Cost: $9
Total Time: 54 minutes (what a perfect mid-morning break from the ol' calculator and chemistry!)

-needle and thread
-tape(Not pictured as I realized its importance while in the thick of crafting this belt)
-ribbon (I used brown velvet)

Step1: Measure ribbon and rope around your waist (I did double the amount of rope because I was halving it), then, Cut your rope into four equal segments

Step 2:Tie knot following these instructions (I used the knot on the right hand side and used four strands instead of two)

Step 3:Gather ends and wrap additional rope around them four times, tape ends and stitch to secure

Step 4:Tape ribbon to the rope, flush against your rope wrapped section

Step 5:Wrap the taped part in velvet and stitch in back

Step 6:Trim rope ends and wrap in tape tightly to prevent unraveling (don't worry about exposure, since they're behind the ribbon they'll be hidden from view when wearing…you            
can always double side the ribbon and stitch if you really don't like the 'rough' quality the tape implies…this is a sailor belt though so…you know…the sea is a harsh mistress, not for the faint of heart, or tape fearers…)

Step7: Wrap around waist, tie in a cute little bow in the back and take in that fresh salt air!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh wow! that looks so great. perfect for spring!!!