Friday, February 11, 2011

5 for 5: Rachel's five reasons this week was wonderful!

Reason #1: Surprise Flea Markets! We just stumbled upon a great little flea market that had, among other things, a vintage video camera Complete with lenses, two rolls of film, and a handy 'how-to' booklet inside a cute lil' leather case. We are going to be the power couple who reinvented silent film for the modern age.

Reason #2: Asparagus and Zucchini on sale. The husbot and I have been eating this stuff non-stop, all day, for every meal. We may have a fiber overload soon. 
Reason #3: Whoopie Pies and old ladies. Hus-bot and I (can you tell yet that we don't have any other friends..haha!) got the chance to play skip-bo with some of the ladies at the local assisted living facility. We had a crack-up time and took some footage on our new old camera. Can't wait to win at least once next time.
Reason #4: Bean. This is our mouse Bean that we got on accident. A gift that went awry. Frankly, I don't like animals. So much so, that I don't even eat them. But hus-bot on the other hand love animals, namely cats. Which happen to be the worst animal ever. This little guy is our compromise. The other day he ate a quarter of a hamburger and drank a thimble of coffee. Definitely a keeper.
Reason #5: Baby fever. Or as Hansie likes to call it 'baby golem'. This little troll doll is our niece, Iz, and she is the cutest little sproutling ever and I want to squish her face off all the time...
I wish the cute little couple that made her didn't live in Texas.
What a dumb state.

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DebbsBigOlBlog said...

I am cracking up! What a wonderful grown-up life you are having, Rach!
Good photos of the husbot and veggies and even of the mouse! And, who can resist the famed Izzy the baby troll doll, though I think she is far cuter than any troll doll I have ever seen!