Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So the other night turned into girls night and we decided that I needed a cut and color. Laura (sis-in-law) is an artsy-fartsy genius and that extends into the hair field. I think she did a fabulous job, and it cost only 10$ and a mason jar full of peachio's!
Before (Purple lipstick!) Luxurious to have a personal hair stylist
Yay! (Style by Jamie)
Then, I obviously had to model my new hairs, which was quite an ordeal because posing is surprisingly difficult and a skill I lack. Laura was a great director, I was a terrible model, Jamie gave half-hearted 'you-go-girl's' while looking at JCrew and wishing she had trazillions of dollars...

The Half Smile
The Hair Tousled Look of Seduction
The Cute Wink
The "Laughing-at-how-ridiculous-these-look"

Such fun on a Friday night!
P.S. We're doing Jamie next week...

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