Monday, March 14, 2011

The Windy Apple: Ina's Weekend in Review....

Mom, Ina and Rach visited Chicago this weekend... according to Ina it was her best weekend ever!

So... we've decided to let her write this weeks, "Weekend in Review"... 

In Ina's words....

"we went on the "El" for elevated"

"we went to china town and got a dress..."
(wait I need to add the parasol)
"and a parasol"
the umbrella is pink with flowers and birds

we got a manicure
I choosed pink and purple
hannah choosed gold and rachel choosed sliver
momma choosed purple...I was very itchy

cuz....I don't really know, every time I paint my nails I get itchy
I got some chocolate. they gave me a shoulder massage

I told some jokes, while we had our dinner

they liked the jokes very much

we went to the american girl store IT WAS FUN!

we went to H & M and got pink shoes that had fluffy flowers on them
just one on each of them
a dress I got was pink and it was from china town
that's why it had dragons on it
we had chinese food 
it was yummy
and that's all I remember

oh and we went on the "El" for elmoblah-blah-blah...I already told you that...

and that was our weekend! how was yours???


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

she is too cute - love the last picture!!
week was good - but went by way too fast.

happy monday!!

Amber said...

She is too cute!!!! How is she that big?!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Ina, she is way too cute! Love this weekend in review... great job Ina!

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Hannah, It was a GREAT long weekend!!! We can't wait to come back, Lord willing, in September!!!
Mamasita said...

my favorite line: "cuz....I don't really know, every time I paint my nails I get itchy" heheh I can totally identify. So super cute!! :)