Friday, April 8, 2011

snik-snak tic-tac: Rachel's 5 for 5

I am so glad this week is over. 
It was hectic. 
But, it was also productive. 
I predict a long weekend of cleaning ahead of Kristopher and I (because we were too busy this week and now our apartment resembles the underside of a fourth graders bed),
but in the meantime:

The five wonders of the week...behold...

1. I have been loving the nice spring walks my lil sproutling and I have been taking...even though it's still in the 30s

2. Ideal breakfast in bed: Kristopher helping me with my homework while I eat oatmeal off his sweet little bum.

3. This ponytail actually makes me really upset. I don't know why I included it in the lineup. I have let him hold onto this romantic notion of european soccer style too long! It's time for the shears.

4. It snowed last night. Hey weather, who told you, you were allowed to be crazy! Am I right, or am I right?

5. I am DEFINITELY making this for some super wonderful slumber parties and summertime lawn naps.

you got any 5 for 5's?



DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Lovely, sounds just lovely, or Luffly as you might say. I agree, that hair has got to go...besides, what does he REALLY look like under it all??!!
love the idea of the pillow mat, very comfy looking~
and, Rach, oatmeal is supposed to be healthy...looks like you really love the brown sugar, honey!;)

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

I found a career for your lil sproutling...apologetist, (not sure of the spelling, see "Ravi Zacharias" for some idea of what he does). I think with his (Kris's) love of philosophy and argument, he would make a good one, an apologetist that is. :)

EttaGrace said...

oh mom, it's not brown sugar! It's dirt!, it's brown sugar...