Monday, April 4, 2011

sweetened condensed milk disaster: weekend in review

My weekend was full of rummage sales, cupcakery, and sewing.
And Bike-riding, card playing, and raining.
All pretty nice things.

Unfortunately, my computer broke and it won't be up until tuesday.
And I have a million projects due.
And my cupcakes tasted weird.

But I've made some cute new (hand-sewn)  bloomers to ease the pain.
And a potential new headband design for EttaGrace!
And a cute little husbot to keep me on my toes
(because he's too tall to kiss flatfooted)...

So...yeah, I guess thangs is cool.

Any hot news from the forefront of y'alls weekends?


emma basilone said...

Love love love those bloomers, they are adorable & you should sell them ( i would totally get a pair...)

Linsey said...

love it...but seriously,'ve got to stop being so ridiculously's making the rest of us look bad!!