Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Current Hair.

Dream Hair.

Talk amongst yourselves....



Linsey said...

your hair is way better than hers. don't like her color at all, though you could tots pull off those bangs!! glad you're back in the U.S.A

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the cut, esp the bangs but not so much the color. you could go with a dark red if you really want to dye it. trips to the salon are the best!

EttaGrace said...

go red, but keep the volume.


Erica said...

coming from a hair dressers perspective... Hair dressers LOVE readheaeds. Maybe even more than blondes. Why? because red is crazy hard to keep looking good. The molecules in red hair color are bigger than any other color which means it is hard to get them in the hair in the first place, they come out crazy fast (it fades bad), and almost impossible to get completely out of your hair. So if you want to change from red to something else usually your only option is darker.

I really like your hair :) Love your bangs. If you want to change up the color I would do something less dramatic.

EttaGrace said...

Erica! Wow! Thanks for the advice! Love it!!! And... you are seriously too nice about my bangs!Luff- Hans