Monday, May 2, 2011

Transition to Bocce Ball: Weekend in Review

Sun all weekend...
and just in time, because renaissance fair was this weekend. There was a disappointing lack of turkey legs and ren-wear but the elephant ears and armor helped heal the wound.

Also, my sister-in-law Laura made her own swimsuit from SCRATCH (no pattern) on Friday. 
I cannot wait to try it myself once schools out.
two  weeks. two more weeks.

Sunday afforded a chance at an impromptu bocce ball game. Sweet.

Do you ever get crabby for no reason? Of course you do. Everybody does. 
That was what I was like Sunday...from the time I woke up until around 2 in the afternoon, I just could not kill that funk. And usually funk is a good thing, but not this time. I think the bocce ball helped.
Anyway, this is what my funk face looks like when I have to fake a smile:

many buckets of adulations-

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DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Chocolate and a nap always helps the crabbiness. I don't know why it happens, I get it too. And, it always makes me feel guilty on top of it. Don't give in to it though.