Friday, June 3, 2011

The Art of Alliteration: 5 for 5


"Glamour is having your eyes closed in pictures" 

1. David Sedaris and Dark Chocolate: Always great for a rainy day, when the fact that you're still wearing a coat even though it's June is getting you down

2. Bicycling and Books on Tape: There is this 8 mile path from my town to the next one over that I love to bike/ walk and it has been a true joy to trek now that we found a walkman and some good old fashioned cassettes.

3. Snacktastic smorgasbord: We bought a costco membership. I don't think that we're mature enough for it yet as evidenced by the bulk brie and seafood stuffed portobellos pictured above...

4. Happy herbs: The boys finally got around to building an herb up, salad bar!

5. Marc Jacobs Masterpiece: My sis-in-law recently turned me into the marc jacobs spring 2011 runway show and I flipped. I have always loved big hair. The bigger the better. Unfortunately for me, my hair obeys the laws of gravity...
or so I thought! 


p.s. I had to do an outfit post today.
I was super keen on my look. 
I need frizzy hair.
I need volume.


FacingNYC said...

What did you use in your hair? Any products? It looks nice and big. But the bigger the better this spring! I got what you need girl...try Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo (works especially great on 2nd & 3rd day hair). And once you have your hair to the heights that you want it to go, use Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to keep it big (and this hairspray smells absolutely delicious, no aquanet choke in your throat smell).
From one girl who loves big hair to another. I keep my hair nice and big in NYC becuuse of these two products.
PS You are looking super fly ma! I'm channeling Sophia Loren circa 1962 this summer;)
cuz cole

EttaGrace said...

I used Hairspray...Redkin I think. Thanks for the tip on products. I literally know nothing about them...


Elizabeth said...

I want hair like Rachie... actually I just want to be cool like Rachie.