Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Suburban Elephant Engagement

My friend Marge is getting married
to some blond-ish guy who takes photos...
or maybe he's brunette, but with the essence of a blonde,
blonde type features. 
Anyway, she posted some of her engagement photos...

All photos by Jacob Boll
They rented an elephant.
A Michigan Elephant.
I'm glad I didn't get any engagement photos done when I got married, because these ones put all other ones to shame.



Linsey said...

ca-razy! hands down most unique engagement photos ever! love it!

French Lover said...

I love love these. J'adore. We didn't take any engagement photos either. And I'm glad. Because I would be totally jealous. I kind of am ;)

Anonymous said...

soooo random but I'd like to do a photoshoot like this. Any idea how to make it possible?!?! please write back !!