Friday, July 1, 2011

Lizzy:Snake Woman-Rachel's five for five

This week I get to house sit for my aunt.
I am supra exited because she lives right downtown a couple of blocks from the lake, and my dream is to one day be a fish in a very polluted, deep glacial lake.
Today I got to spend the day with my mom and sister at Silverwood, the area theme park.
Usually the theme is lame but 
not this time, because I two of my three favorite women were by my side (the third being beyonce...jk but really).

so it looks like ALL of my favorite things of this week are coming from just this one little thursday.
Numbah 1: Sending my little brother able in to the gas station to pick me up  a Lemon zest Luna Bar, only to have him return with a box of Powermint tic-tacs because he remembered "that one time I was talking about breath mints."
Numbwah: Little sister Ina on the carousel- "I can be three things at once. Scared, happy and ticklish. Right now I am two of those three things."
Number 3: Getting soaked on the riley rapids ride...less from the actual ride and more from our fellow passengers puddle stomping exit.
Number 4: Dippin Dots....the ice cream of the future
Numero 5: So many fancy photos my momsie took at the amusement park (all the photos on this post are by her...nice mom, many more photos to come!)



emilija said...


You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?

SisterlyLove said...

Love what your lil' sis said! Ha! Cute. :)