Monday, July 25, 2011

Photobooth madness: rachel's weekend in review

Two weddings this weekend. Mom and Aunt Vonnie catered one of them to great success, way to go guys! Okay, so funniest thing happened in the photo booth at Laura's sisters wedding. If you'll notice, in the set of picture in the middle in the last picture it's just me laughing. So, Laura and I wanted to take a picture of our shoes in the last shot but Laura leaned back to far and fell out the back of the photo booth. She was totally fine...which I found out after laughing my head off...perfect photo booth moment.
Other than that it was a pretty ho-hum weekend. Went on so many wonderful runs and got to see the movie Midnight in Paris. Great, great film....definitely catch it if you can. Below is a still from Midnight, I have got to try to recreate the girl characters dress. Expect failed project pictures in about 6-8 weeks...



ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love photo booth pics - these are so fun! and i have yet to see midnight in paris. it looks so cute!

Sydney said...

thanks for recommending the movie! x