Friday, July 15, 2011

Rollerblade stampede: Rachel's 5 for 5

Today is Kristertons birthday! 
Wahoo, the husbot turns 25 today. 
So much nearer to death...
being only 22 makes it really hard for me to understand what that must feel like.

Any who, here is Rachel's 5 for 5:
1. Much like Hannah I find I am drawn to body glitter and animal print and red lipstick on my teeth. I just need to cross the threshold. Get out of my way convention, I want to be an old woman! I think I'll start with these shoes...
2. Sandpoint, the most beautiful place in the world that has a higher percentage of retirees than young people! So glad to be here!
3. Wasabi peanuts. Sure, we've all had wasabi peas and wasabi edamame, but the peanuts....those are stunning.
4. The rain. I love that soul crushing humidity that builds up before a good rainstorm and then the relief you feel when the storm breaks.
5. Mister Krister only wanting a boat for his birthday. He will be sorely disappointed on the 15th.

got any favorite things for this week?


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