Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes everything is just the worst

At the lab yesterday I crystated and alloquatedand thought about how much I wanted to move.
I want to move so badly I feel like my throat is closing up.

So....instead of writing about that I'm just going to do The Daybook's "Awkward and Awesome"
and use it as an excuse to make a pro/con list for Moscow.

Here we go...


-There is no water to swim in here

-The cops are super uptight (having to go to court for buildering? c'mon)

-20% of the students are part of a frat/sorority...which is like, totally whatever, except I feel like they litter a lot and I'm tired of picking up after them on my way to class

-No Target


There is a pretty good amount of air so I can breath as much as I want.

Okay, enough complaining. It's only a year and then I can move anywhere. Even long as I get accepted to medical school there.
Man, I am just bumming myself out left and right. I need to snap out of it!

P.S. Next weeks clothes stealers is going to be an orange dress or skirt or pants. Get those pictures taken and link up!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...


You have every right to be grupmy- I'm actually a little grumpy about where you live too.
I'll be ready with a skirt/dress for next week... or I'll wear a t-shirt as a skirt in its place.

FacingNYC said...

Don't worry about being grumpster. Everybody gets there once in a while, and actually it can be quite good. It "moves" us to change and grow. You have your sense of humor intact so that's a good sign;).
I will participate in clothes stealers but I haven't yet because I don't have plaid or orange!
Hang in there, kitten

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Love u, Yachie Girl!