Monday, August 22, 2011

Bath Salts+Compositions

potential back to school outfit

First day of school today. 
I love school, I would have married school if Kristopher didn't get to me first. 
But to give the final heave-ho to summer I spent yesterday making homemade tomato sauce, 
picking flowers at this great little "u-pick" flower place, cleaning, and buying new lipstick and composition notebooks.
AND infusing bath salts with orange peppermint from the garden.
So, yeah, I think I padded my last day with enough activities to complete the obligatory back to school essay entitled "what I did this summer."

Now if the weather would just get down to a balmy 65 I could wear all those fall sweaters without sweating too much. 
Because I am going to wear fall sweaters whether it is 61 or 91.
Because school is back in session.


1 comment:

Tucker said...

love school too. and i adore your first day dress (: