Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me Impersonating Myself

I love living in Sandpoint. I love it so much it makes me want to vomit. Ugh. So get this. These are how my days go:
-Wake up with a rainbow shining directly on me (it must mean I have a heart of gold! ha, mom joke…)
-get dressed and feel super skinny in whatever I wear because the air just does that to you up here
-gather my study materials and hop on momma kinzler's bike and get right into my singing and bike dancing repertoire (crowd favorites include Bowie, White Williams, and of course an impersonation of David Sedaris impersonating Billie Holiday)
-stop to poke at some baby snakes
-after the stunning 10 miles to the library I hunker down next to the fiction section and shove that o. chem right up into my mind grapes until I'm drowning in science juice. And then I top it off with a little MCAT prep. 
-next up, leisure read time
-and finally, before heading back for cards and fun times with the fam, I work on getting shadowing opportunities with the area doctors. Rejection never felt so good!


ps. don't forget to grab the "clothes stealer's" button on the left and link up tomorrow with your fav outfit flaunting a fabulous summer scarf!

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Michelle A. said...

I'd love to do my mcat prep by an area in that picture!