Friday, September 2, 2011

The only way to ensure an elegant wedding is to throw it in Idaho.

The Love Story of Freddo and Hansie Bear
Part 3- The Wedding.

Freddo and I spent about 9 months planning our wedding... we decided to have it in Idaho near my family... Our hope for our wedding was that it would be a real celebration. We invited our closest friends... and had people attend from China, Chicago, Switzerland, Canada, New York, etc...

All of our friends pitched in and helped... My Aunt and Mom made all of the food... Si-Fri made the most insane and extravagant dessert bar... Elz-a-Bells coordinated and did all of the girl's make-up and hair... Sweet friends sang... and precious friends took ridiculously amazing photos... 

It was amazing! Truly everything we had hoped for. By the end of the weekend friends from all over felt like one big family!

The wedding reception took place in a little red church....

The boys in front of our little red church

Freddo and his boys

Me and my girls

Right after we were announced!

We had our reception at an old mansion right on Lake Coeur d'Alene...

Yum.... the food!

The insane desserts by Si-Fri!!!!

reception before the sunset

Lights hung in the big tree over the dance floor.

And of course... What reception is complete without "Thriller"?!?!?

And then an after party at a Wine Cellar downtown...

The Hubs and his boys

Hansie & Rachey Pooh

Dance circle...

Living it up with the best friends in the world!

We were so blessed by the day...
It has definitely been my favorite so far.

Luff you-

Hansie Bear

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Annagirl said...

I'll be honest...this was the best wedding I've been to!!