Friday, September 9, 2011

The week. reviewed.

1. mom found this at a yard sale for a buck.
pun not included in sale.

2. Labor day with this little squiggle

3. This is a picture of my sink with blush and rust in it. I just like how it looks.
4. He's back. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.
5. The beauty of the Palouse on an early fall run.

That was my week.
It totally happened.

Make sure to buy a jar of this.



SisterlyLove said...

I don't know if your man wears glasses but he does wear a beard. I love it. It's a great beard. :) I saw this shirt and thought of you two:


EttaGrace said...

Hahaha...thanks! His having a beard fit one of my three requirements of attractive men.
1. has beard
2. is tall
3. named Kristopher

it's incredible how neatly he fit all three categories.