Monday, October 31, 2011

Christmas Kick-off

Finally, Halloween is over (we celebrated on the 29th, Monday's a school night people) and 
CHRISTMAS is here.
I know, I know…you're thinking, well hold it right there, what about Thanksgiving! 
Well, what about it? Being thankful can't be a part of the season? 
There are two main reasons Thanksgiving is around:
1. It provides a marking point for the beginning of the season of Christmas for all those without Christmas in their hearts all year round (especially in July).
2. It helps us get a jump on the marathon of eating that takes place for a solid month here in America. It's really important to get those initial 10 Ibs in November to help acclimate or else you run the risk of  toffee induced heart attacks.

This is how we kicked it off:
1. Cozy Christmas breakfast
2. Charlie Brown Christmas
3.Paper snowflakes, tutorial here.
4. Begin the great gift list for everyone in the family. I am going to make so many sub-par, overly involved, failed felt slippers for the whole Kinzler clan! They're going to love them!

Ahhh, makes me feel like my insides are coated in Biscoff spread.


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