Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Special!!

It's Black Friday.
But- Racha and I hate getting up early...
We'd rather roll out of bed at 11am, sip cappuccinos and eat fudge all day
than wake up at 2am to buy the newest and shiniest d.v.d. player.
Ya with me?

So... for your Black Friday, fudge loving pleasure... We bring you a little gift guide round-up from some of our Fav-ity Fav etsy shops!
And guess what... they're each giving EttaGrace readers only some discounts in their shop today!!
Hip hip... hooray!

Shop lovelies. Shop 'til you drop.
Then eat some fudge and shop some more.

click on the name of the shop to be taken directly there!
Locomotive Clothing Co.- 15% off everything use discount code: ETTAGRACE
Locomotive's husband and wife team are Jay and Aaron Matte. They live, create and garden in a sweet little Vancouver area house. Current obsessions are vintage Canadiana, trains (always), old school farm equipment, hearts, music, pop culture, vintage lace, circus imagery, apothecary, nature and science. They hand screen print, spray paint and applique their graphics on quality cotton tshirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tank tops and onesies for guys, gals and tots.
Baymut- 10% off all brooches use discount code: ETTAGRACE
Lena is the creative genius behind Baymut and lives in Ukraine. Her art, which she absolutely loves, gives her so much freedom where her imagination never stops. Wool is a very plastic material which makes it possible to create anything imaginable. Things turn out warm, cozy and bewitching. She makes her designs in gentle wet felting technique, so she doesn't use any electric or mechanical devices. Only wool, natural soap and her hands! She also uses only cold water, since hot water destroys those useful properties of lanolin in wool. We think her items are just gorgeous!

Woolbuddy- 20% off of everything use discount code: WB2011
Jackie Huang is a 3D story artist and art teacher whose passion for art transcends the boundaries of various art forms. Three years ago, Jackie discovered the art of needle felting (a form of hand-sculpting objects with wool). What started as a hobby soon became a way for Jackie to bring his designs to life and offer each of his characters a distinct personality, look, and feel. In 2009, Jackie created WoolBuddy, a collection of unique characters who come to life through the art of needle felting.

Pamela Fugate Designs- 15% off of everything + free shipping in US
                                                                                             use discount code: PFD4ETTAGRACE
Pamela Fugate Designs is an all-purpose, custom graphic design studio specializing in personalized gifts, branding, website design and social media marketing. From weddings to company special events, and everything in between, PFD is your one-stop design house.

 Ginny & Harriot- 15% off of everything + a gift for EttaGrace readers!
no discount code needed

Ginny & Harriot are twin sisters with an unexplained but heavily nurtured passion for clothing. "We never thought we would be the kind of girls to say that, but look - we just said it.Our collection is hand-picked and comes from all over the country. We have been traveling and collecting all of our lives.Born in the back of a truck to a trapeze artist mother, we spent our formative years traveling with the circus. At 16 we set out on our own to find our place in the world.
We have been scouring antique stores, flea markets, the basements of creepy men, roadside attraction gift booths, outdoor markets, and carnival game prize selections since we were tiny and are happy to finally have a venue to share our finds with the world."

Fifi Du Vie Home Decor- 20% off of everything use discount code: FDVHR
Izabella is the designer and creator behind Fifi du Vie. "I think life is all about the precious, fun, hilarious, wonderful, spectacular little moments. I try to make products that infuse a little romance, fun and sweetness into your home." Fifi Du Vie is a shop full of limited edition prints, pillow covers & other curiosities. 

Little Houses-  20% off of everything use discount code: BLACKFRIDAY
Little Houses was created in my East Vancouver apartment in 2006. I have a love for anything and everything created by hand. Everything you see is constructed by me from sketch, to pattern, to garment.  

Ugh. Black Friday is the best!

Stay tuned for EttaGrace items on sale on Monday!

Fudge Lovin',

Hansie & Racha

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