Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running Late for a Fall Day: Guest Post from Le Fanciulle

We got some med students up in here!
Chex it out:
Le Fanciulle

Why do we say funky & functional fall outfits...? (Being functional's not just for grannies, you know.) Because the biggest challenge in Fall (or Autumn, as we say in Aus) is catering for the brisk mornings & warm afternoons without changing outfits thrice!!

Continuing our series of I'm Running Late For... posts on Le Fanciulle, I hereby present you with:

I'm Running Late for a Fall Day recipe for style success.

1. A light under-layer appropriate for a warm afternoon. Think- light maxi dress, cotton day dress, etc.
2. Medium weight over layer. Keep your cashmere for the colder days & focus on cotton cable knit jumpers or holey knits.
3. A warm scarf or snood that can keep you warm at the bus stop or on the journey home in the evening.

1. Light layer: maxi dress- check!

2. Medium layer: cotton holey cardigan- check!

3. Warm snood: DIY'd by us!- check!

The above is an example of a Floutfit (Flat Outfit)... the result of a blogger who isn't skilled at self timer & whose partner in crime is not handy!

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xx S&T from Le Fanciulle

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