Thursday, December 15, 2011

In one week.

In one week I'm flying home to see my family.

I've got a massive list of things on the "To-Do" List to complete... grade my student's final papers, pack, clean the house, finish up some Christmas crafts, actually go Christmas shopping, etc...

But- in one week I'll be home. 

In one week I'll be sitting around the dining room table with a strong cup of coffee in hand, surrounded by my millions of siblings.
In one week I'll be running around town taking hilarious pictures with Rachey Pooh and making fudge with my Mama. 

In one week I'll be having deep theological conversations with my brother Mike while making sure my brother Eddy doesn't whack me on the head again.

In one week I'll be cuddling with Ina and squeezing baby Iz.

In one week I'll be catching up with old friends and cracking up with my family.

In one week I'll be sleeping in late, watching old movies, sipping on coffee and playing in the snow.

In one week I'll be home.

Yes, my to do list this week is long.
And thinking about it kind of exhausts me.
But- In one week I'll be home.


And that is just perfect.

What will you be doing in one week?

fa la la la la,


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you're almost there!!! i loved that feeling when i'd fly home from chicago to home. merry christmas, friend!

Annagirl said...

Can't wait to be one of the friends you catch up with!!!!