Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nunchucks and Ninjas.

While Hubs and I were on our anniversary trip this year in San Fransisco we stopped into one of the many quirky shops the city holds.
We perused the hello kitty erasers and miniature banana necklace charms until we stumbled upon this wonderfulness...

Ninja cookie cutters.

We finally had an opportunity to make the little buggers this weekend.

Not having made sugar cookies in ages (I know... the horrors!),
I found an easy recipe on pinterest and let the flour and Christmas loveliness ensue!

Hubs and I rock it out at the rolling, flouring, cookie cutting and baking side of things.

However, the decorating side of things...
Well, we should probably just leave it to the ninjas.

Christmas karate chops-

1 comment:

Linsey said...

this is when you invite over people to help. especially people who do such things on a professional level. plus, really, isn't everything always better with friends?! love you guys, and i'm sure they look great (and taste great too!)