Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cannoli Stramboli

My husbot is kind of the best.

This year I wanted to do something special for his 30th birthday... so I saved up all my pennies and surprised him with a trip to a land far far away...

Hubs and I love the TLC show "Cake Boss".
Have you ever watched it?
It's a silly reality show about this massive Italian family that owns a famous bakery in NJ.

It's all of the Jersey accents and swag without the trashy trash that the "Shore" offers...
It's basically good fun and leaves you craving mastaccioli, loud people and your favorite cousin, Vinny.

So, for Hubs 30th we visited Carlos Bakery and ate too much cannoli.

It was kind of wonderful.



Annagirl said...

Sounds delightful and a sweet surprise! :)

Hoy-lady said...

I have wanted to do this exact same thing for some time! I moved to DC about a year and a half ago and am so close to Hoboken now. Do you watch his newer show "The Next Great Baker?" It's just as fun :D