Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to fight injustice with a red lip

We all love ourselves a clean red lip around here don't we?
Well, instead of just swiping the pigment for fashions sake, how about puckering and pouting for a cause?
There are some great companies out there trying to integrate charity into the lives of everyday consumers
(think Warby Parker, Toms).
One that I've recently stumbled upon,
Radiant cosmetics, is a for profit cosmetics company doing just that.
Working in conjunction with 
Free the Captives (a non-profit group pushing towards abolishing human trafficking)
they currently give 20% of their profits to Free the Captives. 
So, if you need to purchase a new lipstick, I'd consider Radiant. It's nice to give a little while you get, you know?

Ahhh, I just love it when companies mix a little social justice into their capitalist soup-


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i've been seeing these brand pop up all over blog world. i think it's fantastic!

Amber said...

Love this - thanks!