Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Just in! Underwear (I see you there!)

In honor of the holiday so inflated by it's own sense of self that
it starts rearing its pink and red head around the new year
-Valentine's day-
we are going to break it down to the essentials around here
to insure you spend as much money on this holiday
as you would on the other, most important ones,
like say, 
president's day.

First off:

It's time to kick it fancy pants style.
We want you in some knickers so fresh to death, you won't even begin to know how to
put them on, why they exists, or if that type of fabric pairs well with all those strawberries you painstakingly dipped in dark chocolate when your plans inevitably fall through...
Selection below:
Garter's for him, muscle tee for you. Best of both worlds?
For serious, this looks like it was knit by the hands of cherubs from the raw materials of fairy wings.
For those sultry nights when your tush just get's way too warm.
The nice thing about this onesie is that you can just throw some gauchos on and you'd 
be the most billow-y gal around town.
this+some of these+a little of that= business. You classy, sassy lady
they're cute-sy and vegan! Hurrah! Hurrah! For sex-i-fying awareness, Hurrah!
Go ahead, Shamelessly make your self into his very own, garishly bedazzled valentine card. He's worth it.

oh, valentine's day. You never cease to disappoint.
Almost as much as New Year's.