Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend in Review... wrapped up blessings.

The past two weekend have basically been two day blessings all wrapped up and smashed between ridiculously full weeks. And guys- It's been wonderful. 

Last weekend was spent catching up with some of my dearest friends. we spent most our time cracking up and smooshing these adorable cheeks. Yikes. She is the death. of. me.

This weekend was no different... My handsome cousin graduated from the first level of Navy Seal boot camp (hip hip hooray!) and his girlfriend and my aunt and uncle came up for the graduation. It was so fun to have family in town. Most of our time was spent walking around, eating way too much and drinking even more coffee. Love.

I tell you, with such an insane schedule these days, it's such a blessing to have these little wrapped up weekends. 

Hope yours was just as lovely!

Happy Monday! 
(Only 5 more days until we get to unwrap the next one!)


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hannahdorsey said...

Hannah I love your blog!
These pictures are great! Thanks for putting them up!