Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank Heaven For Little Girls....

My sweet friend Kate is expecting a precious baby girl {coming soon this summer}!

This weekend a few of us threw her a baby shower...

We had so much fun!
I volunteered to plan the craft for everyone to do...
Thanks to pinterest, I found this incredible easy tutorial for all the ladies to do.

Obviously, I had to try it out myself before I made everyone else do it! ;)

 Of course... I just had to add some ruffles... 
Ugh. I die.

 At the shower we set up a little table with all of our supplies...

The girls and I had so much fun chatting and decorating our onesies.

I must say... each onesie turned out adorable!

To add a little something personal, each girl wrote Kate a note and clipped it to their finished onesie!

I just love how they all turned out! What do you think?



DebbsBigOlBlog said...

WOW!!! Love your onesie party idea...lots of fun, too bad ,y friends are DONE having their babies;)
(me, too)

Shon said...

Ooh, my kinda party!! Love it! Happy weekend to you!!

meggriggs said...

dear fabulous girls,
why can't i pin anything from your blog (ohno!)
love from your adoring fans, megg&co.