Monday, December 10, 2012

Schmoozie, it's not cardboard...

I have this student, we call him "Schmoozie"...
Sometimes Schmoozie reads my blog. Sometimes he's so nice and "schmoozes" on and on about how fabulous I am...
Other times, he makes fun of me for having cardboard on my wall. Those times, the times he makes fun of me, I make sure he knows that he's called Schmoozie for a reason. Teasing a girl about having cardboard on her wall does not a Schmoozie make!

So, in an effort to bring back the Schmooze I thought I'd clarify a few things...

1. The picture below does not include any pieces of cardboard. It does however include carefully placed pieces of brown paper, each labeled with a location that Freddo and I have visited (i.e. "Paris", "Mykonos", etc.)

2. The reason for said "cardboard" is to make sure that the frames below were hung correctly to perfectly display our most up to date adventures.

3. Now Schmoozie, don't you think the cardboard was worth it?

Tots was,

**Update** I don't think the etsy shop we bought our print from is open anymore, but below are some links to shops that sell ADORABLE prints with the same phrase... love!


SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! BOOM Schmoozie! :)

It looks so nice!

Alisha said...

Hahaha love it!! Rub it in his face ;P
The gallery looks great, and that print is just adorable. Where did you get it??

Happy Monday!

PS. Be sure to enter my giveaway for a pair of designer sunnies or fashion glasses!

Annagirl said...

Looks SO Great! How fun! :)