Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Surf

"I eat diamonds for breakfast, so I can shine all day!"

This week has been serious business (insurance rarely provides assurance, I am learning). And serious business requires some serious R&R, post-settlement. Here' s a little compilation for you to lose your mind to, in the most cathartic way. 

My brows are the bane of my existence, this tutorial may be just what they need. 

Loving this cute, little how-to on DIY calligraphy.

I am all about audiobooks when I workout. I am also into getting them free.

This is gorgeous.

That is going to be my summer staple.

Future bathroom tile, maybe in copper and rose.

They right way, to do grey.

Have you heard of Camp Collection yet? I can't even...perfection.

Will love tear you apart?

The prettiest shade of blood on this planet.

Bill Cunningham on coats during New York Fashion Week. 

Hilarious homage to OkCupid.

P.S. What are your Oscars plans? We are planning on hanging out with family and friends, viciously judging the Red Carpet looks. 

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