Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How cute are their faces!??!?!!?

Meet two new faces for EttaGrace this holiday season...

These beautiful girls graciously helped flaunt their stuff for the first official modeling shoot for EttaGrace!

It was stinkin' cold outside... but these girls didn't complain one bit!

We had the help of my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Doni! She's got mad photog skillz... and I do not... obvi... (see below for example...)

We're so excited for the next time we shoot... Can. NOT. wait!

We're hoping to have it be a little bit more extensive... making an afternoon of it instead of a lunch hour! And you'll see some additional beauties in the photogs... including the original EttaGrace model herself! (and Elz-a-Bells... you're not getting off easy... get ready to flaunt it sista!)....

And... just to give you an example of how my photog skillz are... hmmm... how shall we put it??? Lacking.... Si- Fri says I do a horrible job "harnessing her fabulous modeling skills".... What do you think?

Ba-less my heart! But how much do you love the fact that Si-Fri is wa-orking it though!?!?!?


Linsey said...

love love love it!

Miss C i n d i a * said...

lol this entry was full of funnies and beauties : )