Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekend in Review....

Friday: picked Freddo up from his office Christmas party in Greek town and headed out to the burbs for a little Christmas shopping.... grabbed some Sbux and shopped until we dropped... literally... the poor Hubs was feeling pretty crummy with a huge head cold...

Saturday: got a much needed late start and enjoyed a relaxing morning... met up with my sweet friend Amanda and watched White Christmas (one of the BEST Christmas movies of all time!!!!) at Music Box Theater.... the crowd was amazing and Amanda and I have decided that we're dragging everyone to it next year! It was the best way to watch the holiday classic!
Saturday afternoon: Was filled with a ton of EttaGrace custom orders... sewing... sewing... sewing.... just in time for Christmas!
Sunday: Met up with the gang to deliver Angel Tree gifts... a wonderful ministry that gives gifts on behalf of imprisoned parents to their children! The hubs and I delivered a carload full and were so blessed by the incredible opportunity... My beautiful bestie, Elz-a-Bells, organized the entire event! It was such a huge-a-mongous undertaking... and she did a fabulous job!!!!

Sunday afternoon: Freddo and I came home and had our favorite... a "Pauper's Dinner".... best dinner ever... it includes... a baguette... sharp cheddar cheese... yummy meat... and olives... sigh... we shared a pomegranate for dessert... It was the Hubs first time eating pomegranate.... hilarious! The hubs can't handle getting his fingers dirty while eating... (the guy actually eats his fries with a fork!)... and if you've ever had a pomegranate... you know it's a mess! Ha! I loved every minute of it!

All in all the weekend was wonderful! Looking forward to a short week! Christmas is just around the corner! And....How was your weekend???

 P.S. There's still time to get your Christmas order in with EttaGrace! All orders purchase today or Tuesday by noon will ship same day! Check it:!

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Lo said...

ooooooo white christmas. one of my favorites! also, i'm glad you feel the same way about muppet christmas carol. it's such a feel good movie and i just love the part when rizzo kisses gonzo on the nose. adorable.