Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anthropologie's "Crysanthimum Crown" Tutorial or how to make a chrysanthemum look like a sea urchin

 At the steep price of 218$ it was obvious that I had to try and replicate this delicate headband. While mine looked a little more sea urchin-y than botanical I still think that the general feel was captured despite the species change. And have I got to tell you, I LOVE my new headband! Costing only  55 cents (I had many of the materials already) and taking only 49 minutes of my time, frugal never looked so good…

Now it's your turn!
Step 1: Gather the materials
-2 silk scarves
-thin elastic for band
-felt or some sort of material to sew your 'petals' on
-matching thread

Step 2: Measure the elastic to your head and cut accordingly

Step 3: Cut your floaty fabric into three segments so that you have three different sizes to work with

Step 4: stack your fabric according to size and cut long strips (I did around 9-12 per rectangle) leaving a .5-1.5 inch of fabric at the end

Step 5: Pick the smallest row of petals and thread the needle through the fabric at the end to gather.

Step 6: Start in the middle and stitch the now gathered petals to the felt. Continue to do this, alternating colors (if that's the type you'd like) and using the larger sizes, as you move in a clockwise circle inward to outward on the felt

Step 7: Trim any unpleasant ends 

Step 8: Sew elastic onto back of felt (you can choose to cover this with another piece of felt to create a more polished look)

Step 9: Place on head and go spend the 217.45$ you saved on:

a weekend trip to Seattle

or your student loans….


Linsey said...

adorable rachey!

Elizabeth said...

Rach, you should be a model. You could even start making your own greeting cards. Witty pics and one liners... it could be hysterical. Think about it.
In the meantime, I love your tutorials!