Friday, February 4, 2011

5 for 5: Hannah's five reasons this week was wonderful!

1. Snow day!!!! This week Chicago was hit with a huge blizzard... we're talking 22 inches in about 16 hours people! It was amazing... after the Hubs and I made it home from work... we hunkered down with popcorn and cocoa... and watched the amazingness that was taking place outside! Tons of snow... complete with "thunder snow and lighting"... glorious! The next day we ventured out to play in the crazy!
It was so cold this week! We hit -10 at one point! Yikes!
Can't resist "smoochin'" these cheeks! Even when my lips are frozen!
 2. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Years!!!! This week we celebrated with the fam by wearing red and eating noodles! So fun!

3. We're officially going to China! The tickets were purchased yesterday... the seats reserved... can NOT wait! Beijing... Shanghai... look out!
I'm hiking this while we're sho!
 4.  I finally finished my cowl... 6 skeins of yarn... it ended up being on the large side.... he he he....
yea!! finished cowl!!
Woah! So big!!! But is it too big???
5.Double stuffed oreos... need I say more?

Happy weekend lovelies!


micah and erica said...

Is your husband from China? My sisters husband is first generation American. His parents are from Taiwan. They went to China 2 summers ago and she loved it, well, except for the food. She doesn't really do sea food.

Hannah said...

My hubs is first generation american as well! His parents moved her a few years before he was born! This will be a really amazing trip... the first time the family has travelled to China together!

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

The cowl is NOT too big! I love it! Love your blog, stay warm!