Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines day and the first physics exam are both coming up

Necklace:homemade shirt:target pants:gift shoes: f21 Blazer: Little brothers

So, while walking to get picked up by my lil' sproutling (we were going to snag a beautiful 15$ mustard couch at the WSU surplus sale. We ended up missing out on it, didn't get there early enough…why do I take 8:30 AM classes?) I got to sneak a listen on this hilarious snippet of conversation.

Scene: two women, mid 50s speaking to each other about the state of various roadways...

Woman #1: "…it was great. The whole city was on a grid, so easy to get around. Not at all like Paris."

[cue both women laughing]

Woman #2: "You know, I've never got around to Paris. Usually, I just look at pictures and that's enough."

HA! How wonderful is that?

Now none of us have to go!


Elizabeth said...

Rach, you should be a model. You're killing me.

Hannah said...

oh stwaaaap it!