Saturday, February 19, 2011

No more spies! 10 for 10 for 10...

EttaGrace GiveAway:
Here's the words nerds-
If you follow EttaGrace
get ten friends to follow EttaGrace
have them comment on any post starting from saturday the 19th until friday the 25th stating:
1. How they know you
2. Anything else they want to say, as we promote Idea sharing here!
Then you!
YesYou, you little instigator!
Will get one wonderful EttaGrace Tee of your choice!

But you have to be in the first 10 to get 1....



Linsey said...

great idea ladies! i'll send people your way!

Elizabeth said...

Love it!!!

Cary said...

Elizabeth sent me and I know her from.... who knows?! Always I think :-).

Erica said...

Elizabeth sent me, too! We met as teens working at the hospital.

Hannah said...

yea girls!!! this is fun!!! 3 for Elizabeth... and 1 for each of you... spread the word because you can help Elizabeth still and yourself!!!!