Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend in Review

-cute little surprises from friends!
-Made peanut butter oatmeal cookies for the old people
-Began the task of cat sitting

-Acts 12
-Family Breakfast with Mike and Laura!
-Cards with the oldies. Highlight line of the afternoon- 

Ruth (80+ with pretty bad macrodegeneration):
"When you get old you can do whatever you want. 
          Like last night some lady just started taking her clothes
off in the dining room."

-Sewed numerable failed projects while watching Law and Order:SVU and checking all of my locks to help ward off predators...
-Helped Mike finish up his record (check him out here)
-Boys Club Prom: an excuse to dance to R.Kelly and still be the pretentious music nerds we can't help but be.

-Find the cat in our bed when we wake up and I promptly kick it to the curb much to Kristopher's chagrin.
-Coffee and Acts 13 (magicians!), followed by more coffee and some Timmy K
-Homebrew with the husbot
-Work out
-Just Dance with Laura, Vundebah!

And that's that...except this is a three day weekend, so I'm still experiencing it.
Oh well, three days is enough.
I'm weekended out.
Homework all day.
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