Friday, March 4, 2011

5 for 5: Hannah's five reasons this week was wonderful....

1. my sewing machine broke de broke and no one knew how to help me fix it...including but not limited to.... myself, the Hubs, the user manual, google and ask jeeves (yup! i still ask him... what?)... until... i called my beautiful and amazing, ridiculously smart and talented mama! to the rescue she came and my little machine is chugging along... good. as. new.
2. my mama and sister are officially coming to visit me in chicago! love it!!! can-NOT wait! tickets have been purchased... it's legit people!
3. got my nails did by my bestie while enjoying a couple hours of good ole fashion quality girl time with two of the most beautiful besties in the whole wide world.
4. this week i've been rockin' out the "oompa loompa" dance... it Ca-racks the Hubs up! but for realz... it's funny.
5. bottomless fries... with these characters.... l-o-v-e, love them!
happy weekend lovelies!!!

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