Monday, March 7, 2011

Ambushed with Sleepovers: Weekend in Review

Friday night TheLadies and I had a little coloring fun at a local sports bar.
Towards the end our time there they put Lee Greenwood's
"God Bless the USA" on repeat.
Does it need to be said that we mainly go there for the free internet
and low head count?

or rather, trying to take interesting photos that allude to 
some sort of homework-esque behaviors.

The Husbot and the in-laws and I ambushed our friends saturday evening 
and we had an impromptu sleepover
that resulted in...

Breakfast Pizza!

Mistoph Kristoph has been having some pretty bad back issues
and he had to work all day sunday
so we opted out of church tonight
for a little backside R&R

the only true way to a successful healing session is HeavyWeights and Chow Mein...

P.S. The electricity keeps shutting off over all of our apartment except the bedroom.
We don't have any more ice...
because our refrigerator is in the kitchen.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these are some great pics - looks like a good weekend overall! love the "homework-esque" pics and the breakfast pizza...never had it!