Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello Hobo!

Cardigan: modified vintage bathrobe, Blouse: thrifted,
Shorts: Target legging cutoffs, Tights:AE, Shoes: Jeffry Campbell

About a year ago I ran into a friend of mine at school and she said, "Rachel, funniest thing, I was walking downtown and I saw your bike and as I was looking at it
I saw this homeless person walk up and unlock it. I was about to stop them...
but then I realized that it was just you."

About a year before that
my secret sister at bible school
wrote a poem about 
how people think I'm homeless
and gave it to me as a gift.

If I can get away with wearing my dad's old bathrobe as a cardigan in public,
even if I can't get away with it,
I will try my hardest to.

Will I ever be able to look put together?

1 comment:

The Thrillz of Hillz said...

Rachel, I love you! (And you look put together here, girly.)