Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home-schooler Hannah.

Cardi/shoes/tights:: Target--Shirt:: Can't remember--Skirt:: H & M

You should know... I have a fear of looking like a home-schooler... almost... always.
It's brutal... it affects the clothes I wear... the way I cut and style my hair... brutal people.

So... after looking at the pics of this outfit... I'm definitely feeling like I was working the "home-schooler" in me... I think I could have mixed it up a bit more with a funky scarf... or boots... hmmm... next time.

homeschooler... riiiiiiiiiiight!?!?!?

Go ahead... bless my heart... you know you want to.

*** It is important to note that I love home-schoolers... In fact for about 3 years, I myself was home-schooled... that said... there are many incorrect connotations and broad generalizations made about what a home-schooler looks like... it is these generalizations that I fear being tied to... not the actual home-schooler community... in all reality... very few home-schoolers I know actually look like "home-schooler"... catch my drift? now go ahead and delete that hate mail you just drafted in your e-mail.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hahaha i laughed at this 'cause i was totally or the long skirts. my mom wouldn't let me - she was opposite of the other homeschooling moms we knew. even now, if i wear a long-skirt (even if its in style) she asks me "if i was homeschooled" hahaha.

you look great though - totally NOT homeschooled. believe me, i know ;)

The Thrillz of Hillz said...