Friday, April 22, 2011

Midnight Gardening: 5 for 5

So many great things this week....hmmm....

My number one for wonderful thing would have to be the playsuit I made for Kristopher and mine anniversary today. Because clothes for me is something we can both enjoy.

Number two: My sister-in-law's house on Thursday night. She was baking up a storm for a baby shower she is throwing and there was cake everywhere. The kitchen, the bathroom, the man-den...

Number three: This swimsuit. That. I. LOVE.

Number four: Being done with my animal behavior exam. Fun Fact: The presence of Alpha male mouse urine causes female mice to ovulate.

Number five: If I had these shoes I would sleep in them. And walk in them.


P.S. My husband and brother are out behind our apartment midnight gardening.Those cute little beans are planting strawbs.


DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Rach, So VEddy, Stinkin-lincoln, CUTE< you are dear girl!!!
How did you make the one-piece, anyway? DID you use a pattern or make it up??? EIther way, its very creative and so cute, what a cute, cute, shape you have! :) Your husbot is indeed blessed to have a beauty like you!!!

EttaGrace said...

Thanks momsie....I made it up, no pattern for me missy!