Monday, April 25, 2011

Si-Fri & {sweet}cakes = best. idea. ever.

So... I've got this Si-Fri (sister friend)... You remember her right???

Anyway... Si-Fri just happens to be an Uh-mazing pastry chef!
(I know... I pick the best friends... Don't I?!?!? Ridiculously good looking... and bakes sweets regularly!?!? Sheesh!)
Si Fri made all of the desserts for our wedding... yu-uuuuum!
People were raving for days... weeks... months... years even!

And now... lucky for you... 
Si Fri is officially opening up her very own dessert catering company!!

Have an upcoming shower, birthday, wedding, or party in the Chicagoland area?? Need ridiculously, amazing, life-changing (and affordable) sweets? Si-Fri's your girl!
Leave a comment and we'll hook you up!


Nickles Photography said...

Man, I wish she lived closer! I need an amazing baker to make food for some styled shoots. I need to take a trip to Chicago!

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

BIg Congrats, Lins!!!
Wish I lived closer too, I'd order up some of that carrot cake right now!!!
(how's about opening a branch here in CdA and we could run it for you>>>I have an empty vintage garage we could turn into a kitchen, and a sis-in-law that loves to bake???)