Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can I have a ba-naaan?

I have just stumbled upon the most delicious un-ice-cream ice cream ever.
AND it solves the issue of old bananas
AND fat knees.
old bananas: take them to the freezer. And put them in it.

frozen bananas: take them to the blender. And blend them.
blended bananas: take them to your mouth. And eat them.

I was for sers skeptical when I saw this online, but I had to try it.
Because I love ice cream,
but I hate what it does to my knees.
Who wants fat knees?
Those things are the worst.

I added a tablespoon of ovaltine and a tablespoon of coconut milk....
and a proportionate amount of cool whip.
Good job knees! You're lookin' great!*
*maybe you should clean the cabinets! 



1 comment:

Micaela said...

ooh i'll have to try this! cos knees will thank me ;)

ha you are too cute!