Monday, May 30, 2011

Cheese on Louise: Weekend in Review

Dear Hannah-

Cheesy-Louisy this weekend held so little. Maybe because it is summer. I have to spread out the entire weekend over the course of the week...or maybe it's because I'm boring. It could also be this weird fluctuating flu that I've had since Wednesday. One minute I'm fine, the next minute I'm fatigued and my throat hurts. Maybe I should drink more water(or take a pregnancy test). That's what mom would say.

And now, without further adieu, my weekend: In Review

Friday: Kristopher yawned. I ate an entire bag of cherries

Saturday: Krister and I went to go play cards with our geriatric girlfriends only to walk in on one of them lying on the floor, in the most graceful model position I'd ever seen(kind of pinup girl-esque), telling the nurse that she'd been lying there for a week and that they might as well just leave her there for another one. Also, I recieved a jar of PB2 in the mail...yes, I ordered powdered peanut butter. Yes, it was in an attempt to begin living more like an astronaut. I haven't tried it yet. Next on my list is freeze dried ice cream.

Sunday: I had a dream about a finding a feathered dress that was 20$. I was too concerned about the price to buy it. There was a lot of anxiety in this dream. Though, surely, in real life I would have just bought it...right? Twenty dollars isn't too much for a dress made of feathers, right? Maybe I should go back to sleep and see how it ends. I probably wouldn't have bought it. I'm such a money prude when I dream.

Love (your not pregnant sister),

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Linsey said...

rach, your sister always tells me: "my mom says when you find a good dress buy it!" i also hear this when shoe shopping, swim suit shopping, etc...