Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frozen face syndrome: Warby Parker

I'm on the hunt for some new frames, so I ordered some at home try-ons from WarbyParker...
which ones shall I choose?*
*note: each face pose was carefully matched with each frame in the above photos**
**note: To maximize attractiveness of both the frames and my face
I will have to maintain the above facial posture the entire time I 
have the, eventually chosen, glasses on.Which means
that ease of pose should be considered in the final analysis.

While you all are thinking it through
why don't you head on over to the 
give away that's happening right below your noses...


emma basilone said...

these are so cute! I am thinking about getting my next pair of glasses there!

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summertoast said...

This post really cute! haha :)