Thursday, May 5, 2011

Since I can't even paint my thumb green....

Paper flowers really are my only option.

When I was in China, I saw loads of beautiful paper flowers in vases everywhere...
I was dying over each and every "petal"...
Unfortunately... paper + 1 packed suitcase = flaaaaaaaaaaat flower.

That said... I was putzing around on etsy the other day and came across some truly gorgeous and insanely affordable flowers!!! Check 'em out... and give these shops a little love!

Right now I'm loving oversized flowers pinned on picture frames and clothes (thank you EmersonMade)...
How lovely would these orange peonies be on a spring shift dress????
Shop: DragonflyExpressions
 And this?!?!?! Agh... so lovely on a box... but what about around the waist of a bridesmaid???
Shop: 3GirlsandaGoat
 And... just in time for your mom... you'll thank me later!
Shop: Bouquets by Selena

Are you feeling spring like I am??? It's been sunny and blustery here in Chicago... Spring has arrived... and I just might be ordering some paper flowers to celebrate!

Luff forevs... Hannah.

PS. I didn't bring back paper flowers from China... but I did bring back something just as fabulous! Enter to win it HERE!!!


Melanie said...

Those are so beautiful!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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Selena said...

thanks so much for including my item. :) i greatly appreciated!!

Chantal said...

Beautiful post! Thanks so much for including my peonies paper flowers! In my last craft fair I had put one of those orange peony on a pin to wear as a brooch! It look FABULOUS!!!!

Thanks again for the feature!
~Dragonfly Expression

creativeseconds said...

I love Chantal's flowers! & her Etsy shop Dragonfly Expression is filled with blossoms ~ I love all the flowers you've chosen to feature. -Karen

nuvofelt said...

I just love those peonies. Fantastic colour too.

jessica said...

omg! those paper tulips in the first photos are fabulous!!

thanks for sharing such awesome links!!