Friday, June 24, 2011

5 for 5: Hannah's Five Reasons... This Week Was Wonderful!


This week was busting with wonderfulness... b-uh-sting!
5 reasons it was wu-huh-nder-full...

1. Glitter. Loving anything and everything glittery... including my new $4 ballet flats. Love!
2. Hubs sent in his garmin watch to be repaired... they sent back two! Bonus!!
Don't worry... we're on the up and up around here... Hubs is going to send the extra one back.
3. Oh manis and pedis... I love you so!
4. Packing... (while I generally hate packing just about as much as I hate unpacking...
case in point... It's been just over 2 months since I got back from China and I have one completely full bag still packed... meh.
I have been throwing it all in a suitcase because one of the Hub's and my favs is getting married this weekend... Hooray!
5. Remember how I wanted to make my own version of this?
I did!!
And now I get to "YMCA" to my hearts content in it at the wedding!

Hooray for the weekend!

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smooches- Hans

1 comment:

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Hannah, your new dress is Gorgeous and I love it!!!
Have a great time at the wedding and live it up!!!!!