Monday, June 27, 2011

A question of medical taste: Rachel's weekend in review

So my mom and my sister have stock answers when I come to them with any sort of abnormality that may be occurring in my life at the time.
I have a headache.
Mom says "drink a glass of water"
Hannah asks if I'm pregnant
"I've been bruising lately."
Mom directs me to the nearest water fountain
while Hannah picks up a pregnancy test at the 7-11 and waits for the water I just drank to get to work on my bladder.
It is uncanny how they always come to these two conclusions when I come to them searching for legitimate advice for my concerns.

Well mom and sis, time to put those lab coats back on. 
My latest episodes happen while I am reading. Normally I can read for quite a while before getting drowsy, but now, it seems like I can't go more than 15 minutes before falling asleep for an hour. 
Sometimes I take two naps a day. 
Like on Saturday (which is how this post ties into my weekend in review).
Sometimes they're in the sun. 
Like on Sunday.
It's resulting in a killer tan that's covering up those bruises that taking that pregnancy test didn't clear up.

Well ladies, what could possibly be the prescription for my literary drowsiness?


megg.willowhouse said...

i haven't been able to keep a book open for more than 20 minutes lately... but that might be because i constantly have to pee due to all the water i'm drinking to stay hydrated to nurse my new baby. so yes, water and pregnancy... maybe your mom/sister aren't completely crazy.

or maybe you need a new contacts perscription?

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha ha! Well said. :)


DebbsBigOlBlog said...

Could be dehydration.... I'd make a recommendation for that, but I am hardly qualified.